What will it be: Girl or Boy?

A rollercoaster of emotions come flooding in on the day you find out the mystery...will it be a girl or a boy?  At least it always did for me.  Not because it really mattered either way, but the anticipation of the surprise was such a thrill.    I could never wait until the delivery room for the surprise, I just had to know as soon as I possibly could.  And don't think that news came without a celebratory party...that's just me!  

Being able to capture this baby reveal was special.  Not only because I love the thrill of a surprise, but because in a lot of ways I feel like I was a part of this journey. Through many years of photographing this family, who we have now become friends, I have known their desire to add another little bundle to their family.  I couldn't be happier to have heard the news myself.  I look forward to meeting another sweet and squishy baby soon!

It's a BOY....and little Brooklyn will one day realize that being the ONLY princess in the family has it's perks too!!!  More shopping, pretty hair, bows, dresses and lipgloss are all hers!