So Glad we Found Each Other

You know those movies where you get a flash of the "end" before it shows how you got there? Pretend this is your movie and I showed you the end result of your photo session.   

That moment when you saw your family images for the the first time and you are beaming with adoration, gratefulness and just plain thinking "this is MY FAMILY"!  Now let's rewind to see how it all started:

You made it here to my website!!!! Your first thought is running for the hills.  What do I wear?  How can I make everyone look good together in one picture?  The last thing you want to do is plan outfits for an ENTIRE family. I get you!  I get it Mom -- I get how overwhelming it all seems. I really do!  After all, it takes one to know one!  (yay for being the mom of three little ones).

 You want everyone happy and stress free, you want the kids to look good (and heck! you wanna look good, too), you want a location that matches your personalities and to feel like the images capture the essence of your family. I get it and I'm here to help you every step of the way!  That's part of my job - it's part of what I LOVE to do!

And can you imagine getting in the car after your session and hearing your kids and husband say: "that was actually FUN"!  This is a true story - IT'S YOUR STORY- and it's just waiting to be told! I can't wait to meet you...see ya soon!

-Megan Marie





I am married to my best friend and husband of 13 years who is a true compliment-lucky me!



I am a follower of Jesus, who is in charge of this crazy balancing act called life.



I am a Mommy to a sweet 7 year old boy named Crew, a sparkly 5 year old girl, Landree, who we call "Coco" and a BIG little man, Kane who is 2. 



I love coffee and find so much more inspiration in my "other office!"



I love any color of Buxom lip gloss (and so does Miss Coco) and can’t live without Benefit mascara "They're Real".



I love to dance and laugh, and if I am not doing these together, I am usually helping someone else do them.  



I love sleeping in, and at the rare opportunity I get the chance, I take advantage!



I have the best neighbors, so happy our home landed in this  "village."